Lake Toya

Volcano sunset

Following on from yesterday's post, I'm thinking about Lake Toya in Hokkaido. Caldera lake, active volcano area, beautiful scenery and fantastic onsen. This really would be a great place to visit in winter. And I'd really like to be there right now, just wandering round in the dressing gown like everyone else in a Japanese spa resort town. Seriously, that was one of the more bizarre sights of my holiday: pulling in to the town on the edge of Lake Toya and seeing eveeryone strolling round in bathrobes with their hotel's name all over. Good way to see the most popular hotel, I guess, and all advertizing is good for business.

This is the view across the lake, to the island:

Statue by the lake, Lake Toya, Hokkaido

and a final view of some weird statue, and the last sunset at Toya:

Statue and sunset, Lake Toya, Hokkaido

Here's the room we stayed in. Traditional Japanese style, or ryokan. Looked greta in the beginning, but there's nowhere to put your stuff, so the room was a total mess in about 3 minutes.

Our room in the Ryokan (Japanese hotel), Lake Toya, Hokkaido


Michael Ignatov said...

Great light in the saxophonist statue. All creamy.