New must have book: The Hot Shoe Diaries

I don't often plug for gear, but there are some things that really are essential.

I bought Joe McNally's last book, "The Moment it Clicks", last year, and since getting it I've read it constantly every time I need inspiration and advice. It's more than a standard camera book, and the how-to's are peppered with stories that Joe has about his tremendously varied and amazingly high-standard photographic career. Take some time and head on over to Joe's blog, for some of his kind of behind the scenes advice, great images and the classic Joe McNally style of writing, that really seems to jump right out at you and make you want to get out and raise your own photographic bar.

Good to see that his new book, "The Hot Shoe Diaries" is out, and I'll be getting it as soon as I possibly can. From the looks of it, it is equally packed with great advice about how to use flash and camera in the field, with real-world examples. There's a link to a PDF preview of the book on Dave Hobby's Strobist site, so head on over and have a look at it. Just be ready to grab you camera and shoot straight after you take a look, because there is no way you'll be happy to just around.

Here's that link again: