Clear Skies and Stressbusting Shots

Yesterday was the first really good day we've had for while here in Hong Kong: it's been raining harder than I can remember it doing through the other spring and early summer stretches I've experienced here. So, in honour of this and to relax after a horrific week at work (and with the prospect of a week designed by Heironymous Bosch coming next week) I headed off to two of my best shooting spots: the marina over the road from us, and the beach next to it.

After shooting about 120 frames, I came home and hooked in about four or five shots that I'm happy with.

Gold Coast Marina

Just good to be outside shooting again. This one was done with a polarizing filter, a -2 grad and a yellow filter to warm up the overall light.

Gold Coast Marina

Another one of the stressbusting, clear-sky-celebrating set of shots I made yesterday. Again, Polarizer, -2 grad ND, yellow filter.

The beach at Gold Coast, Tuen Mun

This is another shot while I was out enjoying the clear skies and lack of rain. I made this one without any filters, but with me running down the beach to the lifeguard watchtower shooting my flash across the sand to pull details in the foreground.

I think I needed to change the batteries, looking at how the flash power faded through the run.

But hey, I can always go back an try again. The beach is just over the road from me.